3D video for your company

A 3D animated video is based on an image made from a drawing, photo or CAD drawing. Unlike a 2D animated image, you can rotate and flip the object in a program that acts as a “movie studio” for the object.

Unlike regular videos, software programs form the entire basis of production. In addition, the quality is related to how long the production time is. Project management and getting all the parts right from the start is incredibly important.

The benefits of a 3D animated video

The 3D animated videos made by Filmbyggarna have been pure product videos.

Making 3D animated videos is complicated and time-consuming because of all the details but also has great advantages.

One advantage is that when a product is animated it can then be reused. Another advantage is that it is possible to pick out high-resolution images that can be used on the web or in printed material.

The possibility to make a video with a product that does not exist or to show how it works inside a product is another advantage.

If you have a finished product, you can photograph it. But in a prototype stage it is possible to produce an image that cannot be photographed. It is also possible to show impossible functions and the inside of machines.