About Filmbyggarna

Filmbyggarna Sverige AB is a video production company that started in 2013 as a spin off from our sister company Hat On Lady AB, which produces feature films. Mattias Dimfelt, is the producer and owner of the companies.

We noticed that there was a demand from companies in the manufacturing and service sectors for videos that maintain high quality at a reasonable price. Videos to be used as B2B sales rather than expensive commercials for television. Therefore, we have been focusing on making presentation videos, product videos, instructional videos and similar corporate videos. We work efficiently to keep the cost down, without ever compromising in quality. Our vision is that we will be the obvious choice for B2B corporate videos!

We are unique by having a global network of videographers in 100+ countries. This means that we can record videos wherever you have your offices and production facilities, without the cost of travel time and expenses. All our post-production are done in Sweden.


Filmbyggarna has a sister company Hat On Lady AB. Our producer Mattias Dimfelt and Hat On Lady have produced the feature film Fröken Julie.

“The film Fröken Julie was awarded the best foreign film at the Burbank International Film Festival in Los Angeles. Congratulations Swedish film!”

SF Anytime 2014-09-10

”Fröken Julie adds the type of cinematic depth to a classic that audiences with knowledge of the play would doubtlessly appreciate.”

Chris McKittrick, Movie Buzzers NYC 2014-04-01

Filmbyggarna has a partnership with Rendervision regarding 3D-animation.

When it comes to still photography we often work with the award-winning photographer Anders Andersson.

We are filmbyggarna