We know instructional videos

Our customers are 70% companies in the manufacturing sector and therefore instructional video has become a bit of our specialty. One good thing with an instructional video is that it can actually cost less than printing a brochure. Filmbyggarna produce videos that are basic and educational.

Your instructional video

Like all marketing materials the videos we produce strengthens our clients brand. Our challenge is to work time-efficient without ever compromising with quality. This is our work method while both filming and during post-production.

In a study by Wyzowl, 79% of the people asked, indicate that they would rather see a film to learn about a product than to read a text. An instructional video can therefore be a good investment compared to having your employees spend time on training and support.

For background music we have a song library with over 10 000 songs. We do not use freeware music, instead we have full rights to the music. This mean that you never need to worry about licences and music copyright.

According to your needs

We will adapt the video according to your needs. For example, we have the opportunity to add a voice over or subtitles if needed. Sometimes we add an animation to give further information about a certain product. For example, the function or the inside of a product. We can also add simple graphics, like arrows, to highlight important parts of the instructional video.

Add your brand

To further strengthen your brand we can create a custom made intro to start your film. Keeping your logo in the corner of the screen can also be an effective way to show who is the messenger of the film. At the end of the video we can also add an outro, meaning your logo, website and other information you might think is important to tell the viewer.