We know instructional videos

Our customers are 70% companies in the manufacturing sector and therefore instructional video has become a bit of our specialty. An instructional video can cost less than a brochure. Filmbyggarna produce videos that are basic and educational.

Your instructional video

Like all marketing materials the videos we produce strengthen our clients ‘brand. Our challenge is to work time-efficient but we never compromise with quality. This applies both to when shooting and in post-production.

In a study by Wyzowl 79% indicate that they would rather see a film to learn about a product than to read a text. An instructional video also reduces your costs for staff time spent on training and support.

For background music we have a song library with over 10 000 songs. We do not use freeware music, but we have full rights to our music. This mean that you never need to worry about licences and music copyright.

According to your needs

Of course, we have the opportunity to adapt the videos according to your needs. For example, we have the opportunity to add voice-over from several different language or subtitle. Sometimes we animate to show something that is impossible to videos. For example, the function of a product. In an instructional video can we add simple graphical objects like arrows to clarify.

Add your brand

We can even make an intro that is placed at the beginning of your instructional video. Sometimes, we have set the logo in a corner of the video so that it becomes clear through the entire instructional video who is the messenger. At the end of an instructional video, we can add your logo and address to your Web page.